A dream come true11

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A dream come true11

My wife and I, along with my wifes sister, left for a weekend of relaxation up to our cabin. Normally just me and my wife went up there alone, or with friends, but this time Nikki, my wifes younger sister came with us. She had recently been having trouble with her parents. She had just recently turned the big 18, and was wanting to move out, but her parents were unsupportive and were giving her trouble. So we invited her along with us, so she could get away for a while. It was a long drive to our cabin along the way we all were talking and getting along real well. We finally reached our destination, and it was starting to get dark and cold. 

My wife had went in the cabin with Nikki and was turning on the water and getting everything prepared around the cabin. Mean while I was out chopping wood so we could have a fire. By the time I had finished chopping wood my wife had finished with dinner. So we sat down and had dinner, we were talking to Nikki about her troubles, she was venting her frustration to us, and we were trying white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie to help by listening. Later on in the evening as I was getting the fire going, my wife and her sister came in and asked if I would like to watch a movie, I said "sure after I get cleaned up." They got excited and said "were going to go change." 

After I had cleaned up and slipped in to some /gym/">gym shorts, I came out and sat by my wife, and we watched the movie. The movie was dumb and I was getting horny, because I had not had sex all day, so I started kissing my wifes neck, she started to get aroused, and turned around and we started to make out, we both got so aroused the we decided to got make love. We told Nikki we were tired and going to go to bed. We went in our room and closed the door, we started going /crazy/">crazy our hands were all over each other, soon we were naked kissing and rubbing our bodies all over each other. Finally after all the /foreplay/">foreplay we began intercourse at first we were trying to be quite so Nikki didnt hear us, as the pleasure got more intense we did not care, and began letting out load moans of pleasure. "oh David your cock feels so good in me baby" my wife said as she moaned louder and louder. "oh I love your pussy Jenica, you make me feel amazing." We continued to get more and more into our adventure, the bed was making so much nosie and we were moaning so loud. "oh baby here I cum, here I cum" I yelled out, "give it all to me" Jenica said. "WOW" I cried out "that was so so good." "Yes it was" Jenica said. 

After we finished I said "do you think Nikki heard us?" "I bet she did," Jenica said. "Doesnt that turn you on thinking that she heard us honey?" I responed "hell yea it does, I wonder if it made her horny hearing us. Because it would make me horny." "Me too" my wife said. We cuddled up and shortly after feel asleep. In the mourning Nikki had prepared breakfast for us, and the first thing she said was "sounded like you two had alot of fun last night." We both were little embarrassed, and did not say any thing back. During the day we packed a lunch and went four wheeler riding. As we would stop to take pictures of the beautiful scenere I noticed Nikki kept trying to get my attention, doing little things like the way she keep touching me, and bending over right in front of me. It was starting to turn me on, and I started to fantasize, about having a threesome. 

While we were eating lunch, by the river, Jenica and Nikki started splashing me with water soon we were in a full fledged water fight, and the sister were both wearing tight little t-shirts, "life cant get better" I thought to myself. As I stared at their beautiful tits, I was soon back in /fantasy/">fantasy land, day dreaming about making love to both of them. As we rode back to the cabin I could not stop thinking about my little fantasy. When we got back to the cabin I got a fire going and Jenica made dinner. After dinner we went downstairs and began to talk, we talked about everything from religion all the way to sex. And was sex the topic we stayed on. As we talked about our sex lifes, Jenica started kissing my neck and rubbing my shoulders, I was getting so aroused and I knew Jenica was as well. As the night grew on, it got colder and we all moved closer to the fire, and we were sitting right by each other, with Jenica in the middle. 

I soon decided it is now or never, swing or strike out, so I said "I want to tell you both my fantasy." "What is it?" My wife asked, "yea tell us David," Nikki said. "Well it is having a treesome with both of you." To my suprise my wife said sounds like fun." "It sure does, you two made me so horny last night, I picture you two the whole night, I was so wet!" Jenica placed one had on me and the other hand on Nikki, turned to me and we started to kiss. soon Nikki started to kiss Jenicas neck and feel her right breast. mmmmm" Jenica moaned out. I put my arms around both of them, Nikki started to grab my ass, and rub her and up my shirt. I turned to her and we kissed, Jenica stuck her tongue in between our mouths and soon we were all kissing. "Lets go to the bed" Jenica said. We all ran up the stairs and to the room. Jenica took her shirt off then mine. We both looked at Nikki as she was taking hers off. "You have /breasts/nice-breast/">nice breast girl" Jenica said to her sister. "Thank you Jen" Nikki said. I told the girls to sit on the bed stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv as I took Jenicas pants and underwear off, kissed her clit, then moved to Nikkis, removed hers the kissed her clit. I stood up and dropped my pants. 

The girls both jumped down and started to lick my dick at the same time. I could not beleive this was happening two beautiful /women/">women licking and taking turns sucking my dick at the same time. soon I said "my turn." I laid down Jenica and started licking her clit she soon started going crazy. She called out for Nikki and told her to kneel over her mouth, " I want to taste pussy" my wife said. Jenica started licking Nikkis clit soon both girls were going crazy, and so was I! We switched after awhile, so I was licking my sister in laws pussy, and she was licking her sister, my wifes pussy. 

After awhile, I laid both women down and started rubbing their clits, Nikki Exploded with an orgasm, then right after Jenica did. Then Jenica jumped right up and started sucked my hardc cock getting it real wet then she guided it into her pussy, we started, my cock was slamming her pussy, mean whlie Nikki was rubbing her self. "I want to give Nikki some" I said to my wife, "you can" I pulled out of Jenica, and told Nikki to get "doggy" Jenica guided my cock into Nikkis moist /pussy/fresh-pussy/">fresh pussy, and soon my cock was slamming away. Jenica got infront of Nikki and put her pussy right in Nikkis face,Nikki knew what to do. Jenica let out a load moan I knew she had just came, "girls here I cum get ready" I pulled out and jumped to my feet, the girls got to their knees, then I shoot my cum all over both of them. We all laughed for a minute, then I went to get them a towel so they could clean off. when I climbed back into bed we all laid down, with me in the middle, as I thought to my self, "this has been a dream come true!"