The most exciting night of my life

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The most exciting night of my life

Tracy and I met each other over the internet 3 uyears ago and the weekend I got to her home town we met for dinner. The food was grerat but the electricity between the two of us was unbelievable. We talked for 3 or 4 hours and told each other things on the first date we have told no one else. Finally after a few drinks at the bar, we headed back to my room for a night cap and some more talk. Once we were in the room neither of us could keep out hands off the other one. The sex has been great between us but no words can discribe the /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex we give each other. In August I got to her town and again we spent the weekend together. From Saturday night until Monday morning we never left the hotel room.

Once dinner was over we took the elevator to my room and like all the other times before, the first thing I do is to lift her dress(she never wears panties when we are together) and taste her pussy! Her man is much bigger than I am in the dick area, but he never takes the time to please her! Forplay is never there. She has never had her pussy licked before and when I did her the first time she went wild. Now she can't wait for me to meet with her and tease her at dinner! When we get to the room her pussy is hot, wet and so ready for my tongue. Once I have gotten her off 2 or 3 times with my tongue she fucks me like a wild woman! Once we have both cum we shower and then begin the /real/real-love/">real love making which lasts us 2 or 3 days only stopping for food and drink.

Now as we lay together on the big bed I tell her one of my fanacies. Laying bewrteen herr legs, I lay my head on her thigh and look into the dark between her legs! Her dark hair blowjob porn videos coveres her pussy and is so thinck I can't really see her slit. I use my hands and she open her legs wider so my fingers can smooth the hair and I can see her pink pussy slit. As my fingers begin to work on her pink insides I lick the top of herr thighs and stroke up and down on her warm cunt. Finally, I askher: "You know baby it's so dark in there I really can't see your /pussy/nice-pussy/">nice pussy as well as I would llike to. And when I have you positioned so the light shines on your /sweet/">sweet wetness, it's still dark. I want to shave you. How about letting me shave your pussy?" "No it itches to much baby!", you tell me. I say: "I know how to stop that itch and will show you as I shave you. Come on let me clean that hair off of your pussy and I promise you'll cum better, feel better, and fuck better! Our sex will feel much better without the hair." You tell me: "I don't know. That's nasty." OI say: "it will be like heaven. If you don't like what I'm doing I'll stop."

I have been rubbing her magic while I have been talking to her! I hold her pussy lips open as my finger moves with a very nice slow in and out movement. I have also been kissing around her opening and licking her all around between her upper thighs where the bones in her legs meet. Finally, as a award for at least leting me try and shave her, I stick my tongue deep into herr hole and eat and lick her until she hold my head and cums again! Her body lifts up in the air as her hips pump into my face and her cum flows into my eager open and waiting mouth! When she finishs, she moan to me: "OH GOD!!!! Oh fuck baby that's so good!! OK shave me!! But be careful, I don't want to be cut or have a rash!" I smile and keep stroking her pussy feeling it's heat and wetness. I bend in and kiss her as I lick her mouth with my tongue! Then I bend down and kiss her pussy and lick it the same way!

"I’m going to need a basis of warm water babe so I can shave your pussy as you lay here on the bed. I'll have you panting so much by the time I'm done, your knees won't hold you if you stand up!’ I get the water temperature just right and head back in with the basis to the bedroom. I get the other ’instruments’ and tell you: ’OK Tracy baby, lay on the bed, and spread them wide so I can kneel between them.’ ’OK, but you better be careful when you shave my pussy and not cut me!! I tell you: "It will look like a baby girl's pussy when I'm done!! Then I'm going to finger it and make you cum! Then eat it and make you cum again. And, then we'll fuck until we both scream! But with her legs open like that I could cum right now! God look at you!! Your body is spectacular sugar!!"

She lays on the bed and. I reach for the battery operated electric clippers to start to shave her. I sit between her thighs and strooke them with my hands I sit between her lovely legs and ask me if I don't just want to fuck? ’Tracy baby, I always wanted to shave you!’ My cock is hard and she smiles and squeezes it jerking me off for a few minutes. I mean just the sight of her full tits and that hot dark pussy is enough to make me cum just thinking about it! I push her back on the bed and I turn on the electric clippers to began to gently trim her pussy hair. As my fingers stroke and rub her as I go, the feeling from the vibrations of the c;lipper moving down and around so close to her hole, makes her nipples hard! I smile as I see them grow. Her cunt's hair is long in some places and shaving it will reduce any odor that may be carried. Don't get me wrong, her natural musk turns me on when she let's her juices flow when she cums. But everyone knows the hair can carry odor. I have to be careful not to move to fast and hurt her so my hands move very slowly and softly around and in her pussy while the electric clippers hum and vibrate her body between your thighs as it trims. I can see her smile and close her eyes as the clipper gets closer and closer to her clit and the very edge of her slit. I ask her: "Feels like that voibrator we used doesn't it baby?" She opens her eyes and smile at me. Working on her pussy, I think, easy does it, easy does it.

I keep moving the clipper all around very close to her /cunt/cunt-hole/">cunt hole as I shave it. My fingers have to hold her pussy in a bunch of different ways, each stimulate her differently. I see her body arch a little with each change and her eyes are closed and her mouth smiles as I please her with each new touch. While I wanted to shave her pusy, I am stimulateing her more than I had planed to do. Her milf porn videos legs are wide open and the light from the window shines in now and I can see just now nice the clipper has trimmed her hair. But, her pussy lips are open and a great deal of her pink inside is shines out at me from the wetness. As I work, her body begins to slowly move in little circles until I have to stop! She moan out to me: "Mummmm baby! That feels so nice! OH don't stop baby! Yes, move those clippers there, oh yes, right there!! Mummm that humming is really geting to me!! Mummmmm!

GOD it' so hard to concentrate as I watch your pussy become cleaner and cleaner as the hair is cut shorter and shorter. I see her body arch her ass up off the bed and begin to pump on my hand. I put the clipper down and use one hand to open her pussy and expose her hard long clit. I use my fingers on the other hand and begin to rub over her clit. My fingers fly back and forth over it as her hips pump against my hand! Herr hips arch her lower body higher the air and she begins to pump and pump on my hand as she starts to /climax/">climax! When her hands grab and hold my hands tightly against your pussy she cries out: "Yes, oh fuck yea baby!! Oh god it feels so nice!!!" Her orgasm spraying my hand and fingers with her cum. Her /ejaculation/">ejaculation is long and hard as she cums and cums hard and long!!!

After Tracy has calmed down enough for me to continue, I examine my work. I have trimed off almost all of the longer hair surrounding that cunning and fragrant cunt. Now I use the basin I brought in and squeezed out the small towel, bringing it over to the bed. She is leaning up on her elbows watching what I am doing. I see her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples sticking out at me and I take a nipple between my fingers and rub it! She tells: "Hey, watch what you are doing I don't want you to hurt me." I smile and bend down and kiss and lick her semi-bald pussy for a minute or two! But I want to finish shaving her cunt because I have to fuck her. My cock is like a rock and needs relief! But that's another part of this true story!