Loving my wifes ass too much

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Loving my wifes ass too much

I loved my wife, she has a perfect build, a /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass and a perfect /asshole/">asshole. I've always made comments to her like " I sure would love to eat your ass if you want me to". One evening she turned that comment back on me and that was when I learn how much I really love to eat her ass. free porn movies download She rolled off of me after we made love. My sperm was pumped deep into her ass, just a small amount dribbling out. She spun around and straddled my face.

Ok, sweetheart. You want to eat my sloppy ass, here!" And she abruptly sat her asshole on my face and began to squirm and started rubbing it all over me. She started making her shit come out too and mashed it on my face, smearing it into my nose and told me to open my /mouth/big-mouth/">big mouth. I did as I was told and shoved my eager tongue as far full hd xvideo download into her ass as I could. I could feel a huge turd just comming into her lower ass. She said,"shove your nose into my asshole and snort my shit as hard as you can". I did and as soon as my big nose was burried into her sloppy ass she shit really hard and fill my nose with so mush of her shit that I could feel it pushing into the back of my throat! I snorted her shit into my nose as fast as I could trying to keep up with her pace.

Then she shifted her asshole onto my mouth and her shit exploded into my mouth like a sewer suddenly unpluged. I was starting to run out of air, her shit mixed with my cun filled my mouth in spite of the speed that I was gulping down her sloppy shit. She shit so much so fast that my entire face was covered! Still she continued to force her sewer into my throat. I did not have time to gag. It was all I could do to eat and swallow whole logs down into my stomach. She stopped long enough to let me breath. She playfully wiped more of her cum-shit mixture all over my face carefull to push more of it into my already clogged sinuses.

When I began to breath normally she again sat on my mouth and resumed her shitting. She said, " I knew you want to eat my shit so I have been saving it for three days. Let me tell you it was hard to not shit every step I took. But I want to be sure that I could shove 5 gallons of my shit down your throat and in through your nose. I hope you are happy. That is the most that I have ever shitted in my life!" I was definately full to bursting. I told her that was the most discusting thing she had ever done to me and I LOVED it! She rolled up her eyes and said,

 "Wait there. I'll be right back" I watched her shit covered ass sway into the other room having no clue to what she had up her sleeve. When she returned she had a 5 gallon pail full of freshly warmed up shit. She pulled my head up and shoved it down into the pail until it was completely submurged in her shit.

Now, eat and drink it all! I want to see you so sick of my shit that you will never want to do this again. I ate and swallow her poop as fast as I could. To my amaizement I had almost consumed the whole bucket. Ha! My wife was blown away too. I said to her, " Tomorrow just give me one meal's worth at a time ok? I thought I had the last word. But she still had a /surprise/">surprise for me. She call in her girlfriends, all of whome now had their pants off and had lined up to fill me with their shit.

My wife said, " I made shure that all of them were fucked many times in their ass to have it mixed into a sloppy lumpy soup. One by one they sat on my covered face, first shitting into my nose as fast as my wife did, then sliding over and shitted all the rest of their shit into my throat. The last girl simply sat on my mouth and shit, her slop running out of my nose cause there was no where else it could go. I was in heaven.