The first time I masterbated

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
The first time I masterbated

I was with a friend near his house. It had just got dark and he said to me that he felt like having a wank so we walked towards the railway and climbed the fence. Once over the other side we laid down on the grass embankment and he got his cock out and started rubbing it. I laid there watching him and when it got really hard he took his hand away and made his dick go up and down without touching it.

I found that really horny and I reached out and held his . Suddenly it started to jerk and some spunk went on my fingers so I pulled my hand away and wiped my fingers on the grass. The following evening I sat on the toilet at home to have a wank for the . After a minute or so I became really excited and did it faster. My dick was really hard and it started to jerk but nothing came out and it hurt. I left it for a moment and then started again. This time when it jerked a tiny blob of cum suddenly appeared. It left me with a sore feeling all night. After a few days passed I tried again and this time I had a massive orgasm and nearly fell of the toilet.

The spunk shot out this time before running down my fingers. From that point on I wanked every day and sometimes twice. It was like a drug, I was hooked on it. I was 18 years old and my sex life had just begun. I was very grateful my friend had introduced me to it. I could now relieve myself when I felt really horny. One night my friend and I called for another boy who lived accross the road real forced anal against her will from him but the boy was out so we began to leave. A woman about 70 was passing the house and spoke to my friend. We were standing behind the gate which was about waist height and as they spoke to each other my friend got his dick out and started rubbing it. Then he said to the woman do you like this, holding his dick up for her to see. At first she was embarassed, then she said it was very nice and she liked it. Then she said to me "have you got a nice one too". I asked her if she wanted to see it and xnxxv sunny leone video she said "why not" so I got it out.

We were both wanking and we told her we were going to cum. The woman then leaned on the gate and watched us as we shot our lot. We then put our dicks away and we said goodbye to her. It was so fucking horny wanking in front of an adult I could hardly believe we had done it. Thats one of the most horniest experiances I have ever had. About a year later we were comming home on a coach from the seaside and everyone was drinking beer except us kids, we had cola. The organiser of the told the driver to pull into a lay by. He then asked if anyone wanted a pee and several people including myself got off the coach.

I found myself a bush and started to pee. Then suddenly a woman appeared and she said "dont mind me you were here first". She took her panties off spread her legs and had a pee standing up. I couldnt take my eyes off her. She was in her thirties and quite good looking. Until then I didnt know could pee standing up like men. As I watched her pee shoot out in front of her I knew I had to wank. I stood there in front of her wanking while she finished peeing. It was still light and we could see each other perfectly. She watched me as I came and I will never forget the look on her face. We walked back to the bus together and she said "if we had more time I would have had a wank too".

That came as a complete to me because until then I didnt know women could wank as well. I thought how can they, they dont have dicks like us. I had a lot to learn and soon afterwards I had a and found out although wanking is good there is more to sex than just having a wank.