Antonias Sweet Erotic Dream

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Antonias Sweet Erotic Dream

’I’ll raise a dime, Patty said.

Antonia had bet a dime, Patty raised and I folded. It was our Saturday poker game; we played from noon to five. Dime, quarter poker, no one won much no one lost much but we had fun.

There used to be four of us but Cassandra’d moved to Georgia; we’d never replaced her.

Antonia Santiago, Patty O’Casey and me, Gil Roister, we played at my house each Saturday. I supplied the premises; the gals brought a snack and their drinks. Today they’d brought pizzas. Patty had diet Pepsi, Antonia liked her wine, her Chianti, me, I stuck to vodka.

And the game? The stakes had to be small, we were all Social Security recipients; Antonia and I were sixty-five, Patty was sixty-eight.

Patty and I were divorced; Antonia was married but it had deteriorated to a marriage of convenience, her two daughters were married and out on their own, she and Ron, her husband hadn’t shared a bedroom or a bed in fifteen years and I for one couldn’t understand why.

Antonia was just about the hottest sixty-five year old woman I could imagine. Her heritage was Italian, Sicilian in fact; she was dark complected, had black hair an attractive face and a body to die for; or least that’s how I saw her.

She was short, only four eleven with boyishly slim hips and a small compact behind but her breasts, oh God her breasts, she was at least a 38D and her cups runneth over. I’d admired her for over twenty years, perhaps lusted for her better describes how I felt.

We worked in the same field and had come into contact with each other frequently, we’d dined together and had drinks but always in groups, we’d never been together one on one; as much as I wanted it to be so.

The business we were in changed, for a period of two or three years I hadn’t seen her then about two years ago Patty called me and asked I’d meet her for a drink, she had Antonia with her when we met.

Patty, her inamorato Leon, my wife and I were card playing buddies, Pinochle was our game, Leon and I as partners against Judy, my wife and Patty. We’d played for several years but the game fell apart, Leon got sick and Judy and I got divorced.

Over drinks that evening Patty suggested we start playing again, poker this time. I was all for it, we started the next Saturday.

And my lust was rekindled. Every time I see Antonia I feel a clenching in my abdomen and a tingling in my balls, she’s arousing to me, just with her presence.

Her seat at the table is directly across from me, Patty sits on my right. My eyes too frequently drift down to her magnificent breasts, she can’t help but notice; whether it’s arousal or just the chaffing of the fabric of her brassiere her nipples often swell and harden and I nearly ejaculate right then and there.

This particular Saturday like I mentioned we’d had pizza. It was about three o’clock; Antonia had finished a glass of Chianti; I’d had two vodkas with grapefruit juice and was ready for another, when I stood to get it I the wwwxxx asked, ’Refills?’

Patty gulped the last of her Pepsi, she was ready for the one Michelob Ultra she allowed herself, Antonia handed me her glass saying, ’Please.’

I popped the cap on the beer, Patty preferred to drink from the bottle, got out the grapefruit juice and poured Antonia’s wine, there was a nearly empty from several weeks ago on the door of the refrigerator, I gave her that.

Drinks disbursed, we resumed play.

Maybe an hour later Patty noticed that Antonia was pale, she asked, ’Are you ok Hon?’

’No, my stomach hurts and I’m feeling a little dizzy, I think I need to lie down for a few minutes.’

We helped her to my bedroom and made her comfortable. Patty said, ’If you need anything, let me know.’ Antonia was already asleep.

Patty and I played a few hands of gin. It was nearing five and she had an appointment, she did a little babysitting for pocket money, she had to be there by six.

Fortunately they’d both driven; often they came together but not today. I told Patty I’d let Antonia sleep, if she needed anything I’d be there for her.

Patty gave me a little buss on the cheek and said, ’See you next week,’ as I walked her to the door.

It was some time later in a shaky voice I heard, ’Gil?’

She was at my bedroom door, she walked out on wobbly legs, ’Can you help me,’ she asked.

With an arm around her waist I led her to the sofa. She asked me to sit then she lay down with her head in my lap.

We were quiet, I was rubbing her back when she whispered, ’Umm that feels nice; why haven’t you ever asked me out; you like me don’t you?’

’I like you a lot but you’re married.’

’Gil, you know that doesn’t matter to me, Ron and I aren’t even friends anymore. If it wasn’t for the fact that my health insurance pays for his cancer medications I’d have divorced him.’

I did know it didn’t matter; Antonia had had several lovers that I knew about, but none in the past five years. Ron had prostate cancer, inoperable but slow growing, he’d been under treatment for three or four years, his prognosis was poor but the doctors had told him he still had two or three more years.

’Truth Antonia, I was afraid you’d turn me down.’

’I wouldn’t you know, you should ask.’

In the most serious voice I could muster I asked, ’Antonia will you have dinner with me tonight?’

’Let’s see how I feel, I’m sore and still a little queasy,’ she answered.

’What can I do to help?’ I asked.

’Just keep rubbing my back, you’ve got nice hands.’

After ten or fifteen minutes she sat up, ’Antonia’s got to tinkle,’ as she wobbled to the bathroom.

She was gone a long time, when she came out she had a dazed expression on her face, I started to get up but she motioned for me to stay, she came and lay back down, she had something in her hand but I couldn’t see what it was.

I asked, ’Are you all right, suddenly you don’t look too well?’

’No, no, I’ll be ok; I had a little touch of diarrhea, just a squirt or two; oh hell, you don’t need to hear that; but that’s not what really got me.’

’What happened, talk to me.’

’I’m a little embarrassed but, here goes; Gil while I was asleep I had the most erotic dream I’ve ever had, it was more like an out of body experience, like I was looking down on myself sleeping, I was even wearing the same clothes I have on.’

She was wearing a canary yellow outfit, knit, the top had ’ sleeves, the pants were held up by an elastic waistline, it was one of my favorites, the bright yellow contrasted nicely with her dark complexion.

She’d paused in her story, I prompted, ’Want to tell me anymore?’

’Gil it was so real, I guess I can tell you, though, you were in it.’

I smiled at her, ’I was, did I have fun?’

She smiled back at me, ’You sure did and so did I. I was sleeping, I was on my side when you crawled up the bed behind me, you brushed the hair from my face and said, I love you Antonia then you raised my top and unfastened my bra.

You rolled me onto my back and gave me a /kissing/real-kiss/">real kiss and said again that you loved me then you lifted the cups of my brassiere and gazed at my breasts.

Magnificent, you said then you kissed each one and took one of my nipples in your mouth. You sucked me, my uterus contracted like when I was nursing my daughters, then you kissed down on my tummy.

Gil, you took my pants off, I still had my panties on and you kissed me through my panties then you rolled them down over wwwxxx my hips and removed them.

I don’t shave and I don’t trim and I’m a pretty /girl/hairy-girl/">hairy girl and that’s what I saw, that wild black tangle, well, there is a little gray, then you kissed my mound and opened my slit.

I could feel, I mean really feel your tongue on me. You licked all the way down my vulva to my anus. You licked my there then you stuck the tip of your tongue. In my dream I thought, no one’s touched me there in twenty years, I used to like attention there, it felt good, I didn’t want you to stop but you did.

You licked back up and nuzzled on my labia, nibbling, licking and sucking ’til you got to my vagina. You probed me with your tongue, it tickled but it felt nice, I didn’t want you to quit that either but you licked me up to my clitoris. When you sucked it between your lips I thought I’d gone to heaven but when you teased the tip with your tongue, I erupted. My God Gil, I think every female organ I have contracted, cum spurted from my pussy and it just kept going, I was flowing like a river, a hot thick river. Then you were licking me again, cleaning me. When you got to my vagina you sucked taking in my juices, I heard you say, the Holy Grail, I’m sipping from Antonia’s Holy Grail. Gil, you were almost prayerful, worshipful, like I was the fountain from which your pleasure sprung.

Then you entered me, you slid into me so smoothly it was as if we’d always been lovers. You treated me like a lover, you were gentle with me, stroking me with long slow strokes, you were deep in me but you didn’t rush. You talked to me, telling me you loved me, that I was the most fantastic lover ever and you caressed my body, along my sides, over my tummy and my breasts, you fondled my breasts while you let your cock, your hands and your voice make /sweet/">sweet slow love to me.

I felt like a virgin, I could have been, no one’s ever treated with the pure adoration that I received from you.

When we came and yes, we did come together, it was like molten lava flowing into me, hot, hot cream filling me, flooding me.

Afterwards we lay together and you held me, just held me.

Then I rolled over on my tummy, I must have been encouraging you, you started massaging my cheeks and playing with me back there. I felt your fingers circling me, teasing me then you pressed a finger tip into me; I worked back on your finger, I heard myself say, ’Yes.’

You lubricated me, I have no idea where the lube came from but you did then you lifted me up on my knees and entered me.

I even heard myself, ’Aaaaaah,’ as you pierced my sphincter then you pumped me, just like when you were in my pussy you were slow and gentle. It felt so good, I was so full, my bowels craved you, your scalding gush.

You helped me, you reached under me and rubbed my clit while you were pumping my bottom and I came, not explosively like the /first-time/">first time but I came. You were pressed tight against me, just holding me to you when your pulsing cock spewed into me, God it felt so good, it had been so long.

And then it was over, I watched you dress me. You fit the cups over my breasts and hooked my bra, you put my panties back on then pulled up my slacks and left.’

’Wow that was quite a dream Antonia,’I said, ’Wish I’d been there.’

’Me, too Gil, me too, the strange thing is, I’m a little sore, like it had really happened. I must have given my fingers a real work out.’

I took her hand and sucked her fingers, ’Let me taste.’

’Gil it was so real, I really did cum, I came a lot, my panties are soaked.’

She handed me her undergarment, which was what she had clutched in her hand. The crotch was soaked and coated with a white creamy substance.

’Wow, you really did.’

’Antonia would you like to make it real, do all those things?’ I asked.

’Yes Gil, I want to do that,’ she said.

I took her hand and led her to bed.

We did, we did everything just like in her dream. She directed, she remembered every movement and nuance.

She drifted off to sleep in my arms; she was spending the night with me.

I got up and rinsed her panties, a little Woolite, a little water then into the dryer, they’d be ready for her in the morning.

We’ve been lovers for two years now. Nothing more will happen until Ron passes away then, if she’ll have me we’ll be married. She loves me and I love her, we’re the best of friends besides being lovers, we share everything, well, almost everything.

I’ll never tell her how hard it was for a sixty-five year old man to cum six times in three hours and, of course, I’ll never tell her I drugged her drink; let it remain a dream.